3 Things to do this Winter in Chicago After Your Move

Moving to Chicago is a big deal. During the winter there are plenty of things to do throughout the city. It's actually a wonderful time of year to move to the city.

Once you've settled in a little bit, you'll want to get out and see the city. Here's a look at three fun things you can do this winter in Chicago after your move.

Take a Walk Down Michigan Avenue

It's iconic. It's filled with attractions. It's Chicago at its finest. A stroll down Michigan Avenue will introduce to you to so much Chicago has to offer including the Magnificent Mile.

It only gets better that you get to stroll down Michigan Avenue in the winter time. During the holiday season this part of the city is amazing. Plus, the Magnificent Mile Holiday Lights Festival will be taking place all November and December. You can also enjoy plenty of activities including concerts, parades and fireworks shows over the Chicago River!

Michigan Avenue in the Winter

Check out the Lincoln Park Zoolights Festival

Seeing Lincoln Park is amazing on its' own, but when you go for the Lincoln Park Zoolights Festival you'll get to experience something special. More than 2 million lights will be up and ready for you to enjoy at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The event is free and includes plenty of themes throughout including ice carving demonstrations, synchronized music and lights show and even carolers. You will enjoy some of the finest ice art in the city, along with so much more.

The best part, you can grab a little hot cocoa and enjoy the light with someone special. This is a great spot for a winter date and if you just move to Chicago, maybe you moved for a special someone or you're ready for a first date.

Enjoy some Incredible Sports

The Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Bears are both in season when winter rolls around. You can even catch the Chicago Blackhawks if you love hockey. Catching a football game is always fun and will introduce you to an iconic stadium, as well.

The Bulls are another great show in town and the tickets will likely be less expensive than the Bears. If you love hockey, catch a Blackhawks game and you'll be glad you did.

There's nothing better than getting acquainted with your new city by catching a sporting event. It will help you get into the spirit of Chicago and help you really feel likely you're at home in your new city.

Chicago is filled with plenty of great things to do and there's no shortage of great places to go and see during the winter. If you're planning on moving to Chicago in the Winter, and you want to have some fun once you arrive, enjoy these three options. You'll be happy to get out and enjoy your new city as you take in the sights along the way.

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