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The process of moving all of your things from one home to another might seem overwhelming. Moving to Glenview comes with plenty of benefits, but the process itself probably doesn't excite you. Nobody really enjoys moving, but it's necessary, sometimes.

Take the stress out of your move by hiring professional Glenview movers. When you need to move to Glenview, IL and you want to make sure it goes smoothly, contact The Professional Moving Specialists – a local Glenview moving company.

Moving to Glenview

An affluent suburb of Chicago, Glenview is found in Cook County. It's part of the North Shore, which is a wealthy group of suburbs found to the north of Chicago. Glenview is considered a village and has a population of 44,692 according to the 2010 census. 

Glenview Attractions

While Glenview is home to many attractions, it's most known for the excellent public schools. Glenbrook South High School was rated as the 19th best public high school in the entire county and the Glenbrook School district 225 was ranked second in the states and 10th in the nation.

The most popular attraction is The Grove, which is a prairie area with an interpretive center, nature trails and historic buildings. Many animals are found here including skunks, snapping turtles and snakes. 

Other popular attractions in Glenview include:

  • The Park Center
  • Wagner Farm
  • Kohl's Children's Museum
  • Oil Lamp Theater
  • Flick Park
  • And more!

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If you're ready to move to Glenview and you don't want to do it yourself, call The Professionals today.

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