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Moving to Palos Hills is hard on everybody, having to pack up your life, sell your home, move your things, and get settled in a new place. Fortunately with the help of The Professionals Moving Specialists in Palos Hills, you can have a smooth move without the hassle of doing it yourself. Don’t bother with other moving companies in the area; these Palos Hills movers have been helping people with their Chicago moves for 12 years. 

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Moving to Palos Hills

Palos Hills is a suburb in Illinois just southwest of Chicago. This Cook County suburb next to the Windy City is a popular location for living close to the city while still enjoying a suburban lifestyle. With just under 18,000 residents and the proximity to both the Amos Alonzo Stagg High School and the Moraine Valley Community College, this is a popular area for families and young adults seeking affordable living near Chicago. It covers about 4,300 square miles in size and there are about 7,400 households residing here averaging a household income of $52k. 

Palos Hills Attractions

Being so close to Chicago, it’s easy to make the 40 minute drive to enjoy the attractions of the Windy City. It’s also in close proximity to Champaign, South Bend, and Milwaukee. While in your own neighborhood, you can enjoy excellent dining, great bars, special events, and shopping. Enjoy attractions including:

  • Now and Again Resale, Antiques and Collectables
  • Hidden Music – Musical Instrument Store
  • Avalon Food & Spirits
  • Brookfield Zoo

Who to Call for Chicago Moves? The Pro Move

The most trusted moving company in Chicago is The Professionals Moving Specialists, known for being experienced Palos Hills movers. They’ve been serving the area since 2004 and were recognized as the “Best of Chicago Movers” for four years in a row by the US Commerce Association. Not only do they put customer care first, but they are efficient and environmentally friendly in their methods. 

Enlist The Professionals as Your Palos Hills Movers and Benefit from any of our Local Palos Hills Moving Services

  • Residential Moving 
  • Piano Moving 
  • Antique & Fine Art Moving 
  • Student Moving 
  • Furniture Moving 
  • Emergency Moving 
  • Senior Moving 
  • Commercial Moving 

If you’re getting ready to pack up the house and move to Chicago’s Palos Hills, make sure you call The Professionals Moving Specialists to handle the job. 

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