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how to pack for movers

How to Pack for Movers

When it's time to pack up your home and move to a new location, you need to know how to pack for your movers. Hiring a professional moving company will go a very long way to making the move easier. Here are a few tips to help with packing for movers before moving day.

  • Know What Your Movers will Move and What they Won't Move

While professional movers will move just about anything, there are some items they cannot transport due to safety issues. This may include liquids, paints and household chemicals. There are other items they may not move due to liability reasons, such as medicine, pets, food, important papers and photographs. Make sure you know what your movers will and will not move for you.

  • Create a Plan for Packing

Hiring professional movers means you may have them pack and unpack some of your things. Make sure you choose which things they will be responsible for and what you will be responsible for. In addition, make sure you have a plan for which rooms you will pack firs and which ones will be last. It's always a good idea to have a bag or a box of essentials you pack last.

  • Stock up on Packing Supplies

Your moving company will likely sell boxes and supplies you can use for packing. Often, they have boxes for specific items, such as TVs, dishes and other common items. Make sure you have plenty of boxes, bubble wrap and tape on hand.

Don't Make Boxes Too Heavy

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when packing for movers is to make the boxes too heavy. They could struggle to pick them up or the box could break when they do. Use smaller boxes for small and heavy items, such as books. These smaller boxes will be easier to carry because they won't be so heavy.

When you're getting ready to move, packing for your movers is very important. Make sure you check with your moving company as they can give you more pointers and tips for how they prefer you pack for their crew.

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