What to Do Before You Move Into an Apartment in Chicago

What to Do Before You Move Into an Apartment in Chicago

Now that you have just found an apartment in Chicago, you are more than likely anxious to move into your new home. However, there are many things to consider before you move into your potential apartment that should be addressed before you move in.

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Before Moving in Chicago


Every town has its own personalities and establishments.It has restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, parks, best school for your kids and more.However, there are 7 places that you should always know before moving in Chicago neighborhoods.While you may never need some of these establishments, it’s always best to know these places before before moving in Chicago in case of emergencies.Whether it’s a town over or across the street , in Chicago, IL do some research and figure out where they are.


We hope that we never need medical attention, but you should always know where the local hospital is just in case.On top of that, also know where your local doctor’s office, pharmacy, dentist, etc., are.Being healthy is a top priority to living a happy life.You also never know when an emergency will occur, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Find your local grocery stores.Maybe there’s even a farmer’s market near you!Knowing what’s around you is a great way to save money when buying food.Some stores have certain deals while other have different ones.You should also check out the restaurants around your home.Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and that’s when you want to know where all the good places to eat are.

Emergency Services

This kind of goes along with knowing where the hospital is.On top of that, you should know where the fire department is locates, as well as the police office.You may never need them, but knowing where they are located can give you piece of mind at the very least.

Gas Station

Transportation is important no matter where you live.As most people do drive, it’s smart to know where the local gas stations are.That way, since gas is so expensive nowadays, you can compare and contrast prices and get the best deal.

Public Transit

Chicago is a busy city and one thing all cities have is public transportation.Whether you prefer the bus or the train or have to use one or the other, makes sure you know what to take before you leave the house.It’s a pain trying to decipher Google maps on your phone while you’re onthe bus trying to see each stop or underground where you get no service.


Each state has different driving laws.If you are planning on staying in Illinois after moving from another state, you’re going to have to replace your license.The DMV is where you will need to go to get information about new laws and to apply. List of Chicago DMV Offices


If you have kids, knowing where the schools are in Chicago is one of the most important things.You don’t want to be scrambling the morning of the first day trying to figure out where you need to go to get to the school or where the closest bus stop is.Make life less stressful by being prepared. List of Chicago, IL Public Schools

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10 Things You Don't Need But Should Bring To Your Dorm Anyway


College can be the best time of your life, but also very stressful.  Where else is it normal to see young adults sprawled and asleep in the most random places, curled up on the couch or floor like a child?  Once finals week hits, it’s a free for all and everyone is eating and sleeping in those free minutes in between studying for a different class.

This is exactly why you should have an escape.  For those moments when school is too much and you need to relax with your friends, make sure you have everything you need.

Here are 10 things to bring to your dorm that you don’t really need, but will be glad you brought anyway.


You never need to bring your TV.  It’s just nice to have around, especially if you are like me and watch basically every show on air.  It’s also a nice, mindless activity for the moments when you don’t want to think.

Game Station

Whether you have an Xbox or a Playstation, bring it with your TV.  Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing that gunning down enemies in Call of Duty or beating all your friends in Super Mario.


This is sort of essential, but sort of not.  It depends on what kind of snacks and food you bring.  Sometimes you just need to be unhealthy and stuff your face with chips and chocolate.

Board Games

Video games can only take you so far.  Sometimes there is nothing better than breaking out the old Monopoly board or a surprisingly aggressive game of Cranium.

Nintendo DS

Do you have one?  Because if you don’t you should get one…or a PSP.  Yeah, I know phones have apps nowadays, but battery life goes so fast.  Not to mention, those games aren’t half as complicated as the ones you can play on the DS.


Whoever created the Snuggie is a genius, especially on those winter nights where it’s warm in your room, but somehow you still have a chill under your skin.  Not to mention they are great during testing weeks when you fall asleep where you are studying.


They weigh a lot and take up space, but sometimes you just need your favorite stories with you.  You know, the ones that are beat up with pages ripped because you’ve read them so much.

Stuffed Animals

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like stuffed animals because they are most likely evil.  There is nothing better than cuddling up with your favorite teddy bear as you are trying to figure your way through the chemistry textbook which seems to be written in every other language but English.

Baking Sheets

There are moments that can be made a thousand times better by the smell of baked goods.  Every dorm has a kitchen and every kitchen has an oven.  Grab some of your friends and whip up a batch of brownies or cupcakes or something.  It’s fun and you’ll have something sweet to eat after.


Kirugumis are the proper name for animal onsies.  They are so comfy, you really need to get one.  So what if you’re a college student?  The time to do it is now because you won’t have an excuse later.  On cold days, have a Kirugumi party with your friends.


For more information about student moving in Chicago, click here.

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Tackling Office Relocation in Chicago, IL


Commercial moving is always tedious, especially if you have a large office.  Office Relocation in Chicago, IL is more of an easier moving process when hiring the Professionals Moving Specialists. There are a number of people to account for and even more equipment and furniture.  To make you Chicago office moves easier, see our moving tips below.

Planning Always Works

For something as large scale as an office move, planning is one of the most important things to do.  Depending on the size of your office, give yourself five yourself three to eight months to prepare.  Remember that it’s never too early to start preparing and the more ready you are, the easier the move will be.

Firstly, make sure everyone in your office knows that they will be moving.  You don’t want moving day to come only to find out an entire department had not been informed.  Then get the floor plans for the new office.  You will want everything ready there before you move in.  Plot out where the desks and cubicles will go.  Is there going to be a copier room or a file and storage room?  Also remember to have the interior decorators in early.  You don’t want the carpenters still putting in carpet when you move in.


Time To Tell The World

There is always someone you will need to tell.  It depends on what type of business you run, but some important people include vendors and contractors.  Your lawyers and clients should most definitely be notified as well.  On your stationary, all addresses on business cards and letterheads will have to be changed.  The move should also be announced on your website if you have one and altered on any advertisements you have out.  Make sure everyone knows the date of the move as well.  You don’t want anyone going to the new offices before they’re finished or going to the old offices after you’ve moved out.

Time To Re-Evaluate the Tech

Moving gives you an excuse to upgrade like you’ve been meaning to for the past year.  With technology moving so fast nowadays, machines that are 5 years old are actually 10 years out-of-date.  Here is a perfect excuse to throw out the bulky models for some sleeker, newer versions.  If you keep your current computers and machines, make sure they will all be carefully packed for transport.  You don’t want anything damaged.

For your new offices, call ahead to get phone lines and internet installed.  That way any potential problems will be resolved by the time you move in.  With everything ready, you’ll be up and running in no time.


Time To Organize

Organization is one of the most important elements if you want a smooth move.  With so much stuff, it is really easy to misplace boxes and lose files.  Your workers will pack their own things.  Make sure they properly label all their boxes so nothing gets sent to the wrong place.  Then write up a master list of everything that is packed.  It’s a simple way to keep track of the large amount of items about to be relocated.

Hire Professional Movers

Great movers can make all the difference.  If you are moving your business within Chicago, The Professionals Moving Specialists is the moving company to call.  Our team is fast, efficient, and extremely courteous.  We pride ourselves in our customer service.  We will help you pack and unpack your equipment and machines.  We will also help you take apart and rebuild furniture and cubicle dividers.  The Professionals Moving Specialists are an all-inclusive service that aims to please.  Our goal is to help you move so that your business will have as little downtime as possible.

Not Everything Goes According To Plan

And that is okay.  You may have plan the move to the smallest of details, but there will always be surprises.  If something unexpected happens, don’t panic.  It is only a small bump.  The rest of the move has already been planned out.  Remember to be flexible and have some leeway.  Being able to adapt will make moving a lot more stress-free.

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Helping Seniors Move


Moving is a difficult procedure when you’re young, so imagine how challenging it is when you are a senior citizen and you can no longer move as agilely as you did in your youth.  Not to mention, as you get older you develop a set routine and it becomes harder to adapt to change.  If you are helping Seniors Move or elderly adult in their advanced years move in the Chicago area, check out some of these tips to make the transition an easier experience for everyone.


It’s important to explain to your senior citizen what is happening.  It is imperative to tell them that they are moving several months ahead of time so they can become accustomed to the idea.  It may be a new apartment, or a new house, or an assisted living facility.  Whatever it is, it is most likely different from what their current living arrangement is.  Walk them through what living in their new place is going to be like.  Also explain to them what is going to happen on moving day.  Once the movers come in everything will be happening quickly.  This might be overwhelming for the elderly if they do not know what is going on.  Also, it gives them a semblance of control over this change.  They will be able bring up some ideas of specific needs that you can keep in mind.

Early Start

It’s always smart to start packing early.  It gives you more time to sort through your stuff and decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.  After living for so long, it is very likely that things pile up.  It will take a while for your senior to get through all the clutter they have collected throughout the years.  Starting early is especially vital if they are moving to a smaller location.  A lot is going to have to be thrown out, donated, or stored away.


If your senior citizen is not on some sort of medication then he or she is very healthy and I applaud his/her health.  Unfortunately, as the body ages the need for medication arises and it is more likely than not that your older adult has a cocktail of pills they need to take every day.  Keep the medication with you.  Pill bottles can be easily lost in mess that is moving and packing and you don’t want to be ripping open boxes if an emergency happens.  Also, check out the new area before the move.  Find out where the local drugstores and doctors are.  Once your elderly person has properly moved in, you can show them where to fill out their prescriptions and the way to the doctor’s office for appointments.

Who Are Your Movers?

Who your movers are can be very important.  Let them meet the workers and talk to them.  It will help any anxiety they have about strangers handling their things.  They can also help with reassuring your senior citizen by explain their procedures.  Most importantly, do not let your older adult do any heavy lifting.  They are at greater risk for serious injury, so avoid the possibilities of any broken bones or dislocated joints by letting the movers do their job.

It’ll Be Okay

Everyone needs reassurance sometimes and that goes for the elderly as well.  The flurry of activity on moving day will most likely overwhelm them.  Stay by their side and make sure they are okay.  Comfort them when you need to and talk them through what is going on.  Half the panic is usually a result of not knowing.

The Professionals Moving Specialists

Here at The Professionals Moving Specialists, customer service is our number one priority.  We understand the stress of moving and it is our job to make it as minimal as possible.  We will work with you and your senior citizen so that the experience will be as comfortable as possible.  We can help pack and unpack your items and we will coordinate every step of the process with you.  With multiple awards and great yelp reviews under our belt, you know we are the movers you want when you are moving in the Chicago area.

thepromove.com has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews