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Hiring the Best Moving Company

movers You’ve just found the house that you wanted and you are ready to move in, the only problem is that you can’t simply abscond and start life in your new home, you need to move in.  Moving is a tenuous process, and it involves bringing all the possessions you need from your current residence into your new one.  However, choosing a moving company isn’t as simple as picking the first name out of a phone book, or choosing the first name that appears on your Google search.  Every moving company offers different services, for different clients, and it is important to sort out the ones that are most beneficial to you.  At the Professionals Moving Specialists, we want to help you remain aware of the various aspects you should consider when choosing a moving company that is best for you, and to make sure you are not taken advantage of in the process.

Make Sure The Moving Company is Licensed

One of the first things you should do when choosing a moving company for your move is to make sure that they are licensed.  Movers that are located within your state should have a state license verifying their legitimacy.  If the moving company is an interstate mover then they should have a unique license number called a US DOT number that can only be issued by the United States Department of Transportation.

Make Sure The Moving Company has Generated Positive Ratings

In order to make sure that you receive a positive experience from your moving company you should verify the company’s ratings online.  Yelp, Citysearch and other social media sites, provide reviews on companies and businesses based on customer’s first hand experiences.  You can use these ratings as an indication of what to expect from your moving company, as these ratings can also include detailed descriptions of the benefits and faults of the company’s service, as well as a better understanding of how they do business.  For a more official rating system you can also check your company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  The Better Business Bureau offers comprehensive standards that verifies a company’s legitimacy and also provides accreditation for professional businesses.

Make Sure The Moving Company Has a Long History of Service

A company with a competent record, and a long standing history of successful business operations is more than likely to be a legitimate and professional business.  Understanding the history of the business can also help you determine if they are best suited to help you out with your move as you are able to determine whether or not this moving company possesses the sufficient experience to be able to carefully manage your belongings.  If you are asking your moving company to help you move your antique, fine art or valuable items, it is in your best interest to check the company’s history of moving antique items so that you know if your belongings will be properly cared for.

Make Sure The Moving Company Is Insured

One of the most important things to consider is whether or not your moving company is insured, as this is a crucial indicator of the legitimacy of the moving company.

Examine Their Rates

Doing an examination of a moving company’s rates is important to understanding exactly what it is you will be charged for during the course of the move.  Some moving companies charge by the hour, and add additional fees for services such as packing.  Mileage is also a consideration most moving companies take when considering the cost, as the greater distance they have to travel to your locations, the more they will charge you for the move.  Make sure you verify all rates and charges so that you have a rough estimate of the cost of the move and so that you are not surprised by overcharging and scams.

What Are Their Special Services

Some moving companies offer in addition to the standard services and rates, additional services that could be beneficial in determining the right mover for you.  Things such as packing, antique and fine art moving, and state of the art storage facility access are just some of the things a company may offer in addition to basic service.  Be sure, when you are researching moving companies that you keep all of these things into consideration, so that you choose the company with the services that you find most appealing.

In conclusion, a moving company should be a combination of all of the things previously discussed.  They should be licensed, professional, and high rated to ensure a thorough and complete moving process.  The combination of affordable rates, appealing services and professionalism should provide you with the moving company that is best suited for you, and will provide you with the best service that is within your budget.  Be sure, once your movers are chosen, that they have an idea of where you want everything to be placed, that they provide you with a detailed description of their services, and that they give you a thorough walk-through before they begin moving and transferring your belongings.

Remember to keep all of these things in mind, and if you are looking for a moving company in Chicago be sure to contact the Professionals Moving Specialists, one of the most trusted names in the moving industry. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

Tips for Moving while Pregnant


As daunting as the prospect of moving may seem to most people, it can be especially nerve wracking when you or your loved one is pregnant during moving to a new home in Chicago.The emotional and physical toll can be overwhelming, and it is important to understand that you must take very good care of yourself and remind mindful of your situation, as being pregnant can hamper your ability to do things that may have caused you no trouble before (such as picking up and carrying large boxes).At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we provide moving services in the Chicago area, to help alleviate the physical and emotional stress of moving.However, it is still very important to remain aware of your pregnant state, and avoid any complications that may arise as well as stressful conditions and circumstances.The following guidelines below, are ways to help make the relocation process easier while you are pregnant, and provide tips to ensure a successful and productive moving experience.At The Professionals Moving Specialists, we want to make sure you view these guidelines as helpful tools.

Tips for Moving While Pregnant.

Avoid Stress Inducing Situations

Stress inducing situations can be very harmful to a pregnant woman, as the emotional tolls of stress can sometimes lead to complications and problems during the pregnancy.It is therefore extremely important during the moving process, to separate yourself from stressful situations.Be wary of moving scams and frauds that try and tackle on hidden moving fees and unnecessary costs.Fraudulent moving companies are an example of things to remain vigilant of, and avoid if you want to avoid stress.Always make sure to have a professionally licensed and insured moving company such as The Professionals Moving Specialists, take care of your moving requirements.

Avoid the Physical and Laborious Aspects of Moving

This one is a no brainer.As a pregnant woman you should avoid at all costs the carrying and handling of heavy furniture or equipment, as it can be detrimental to your pregnancy.Strenuous activity should be avoided and you should make sure to not be involved in any of the relative moving of your belongings.It would be in your benefit to inquire if your moving company provides packing and unpacking services, as well as ask a friend to help you in the more physically demanding aspects of the moving process.The includes the dismantling of large furniture, packing of large equipment such as televisions, and all manual moving situations.

Remain Organized

Organization is very critical in any successful moving experience, and can be especially beneficial for pregnant women.Doing things such as researching your moving company to ensure they are professionally licensed, using cost estimators to manage financial moving costs, listing and cataloging your packed items for management, and taking care of all pre-move tasks such as changing mailing address information, can ensure that you avoid the type of overwhelming, stressful situations that can be harmful for a pregnancy.

Move Smartly

As part of this increase in organization is it also important to pack and move smartly, to avoid moving stresses and complications.It is recommended that you give yourself flexibility through time management, to arrange your new home and unpack according to your liking.All physical aspects of this should of course be relegated to your friends, or moving, as you must again avoid all kinds of strenuous activity.Be sure when your belongings are packed into moving vehicles, that the most important items are placed last, thus giving you easy access to them as soon as you enter your new residence.Be sure to label all immediately necessary items beforehand, so that you are aware of which boxes require unpacking as quickly as possible.

Remain Conscious of Your Condition

The most useful advice that we can give, is simply to remain aware of conscious of your condition.Being pregnant means that you are simply not capable of doing the things you were before, and it’s always best to err on the side of caution.Rather than attempt to push yourself to get things done, simply remind yourself of your condition, and remember that it is okay to ask others for help.Throughout the moving process remain aware of all of the stress inducing problems and try to distance yourself from them as much as possible.Organization, time management and attention to details can all help in making sure that you have a successful move that is never to strenuous or difficult.

At the Professionals Moving Specialists, we want to make sure that your moving experience is as stress free as possible. By following all of our mentioned guidelines, we hope that you can ensure for yourself a successful moving experience that alleviates the daunting aspects of the relocation process, to make moving easier for pregnant women.If you are looking for assistance and professional service on your moving in Chicago sure to contact The Professionals Moving Specialists, one of the most trusted named in Chicago moving. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews