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planning a move to chicago

Planning a Move to Chicago

When you decide to make the move to Chicago, you don't want to be stuck unprepared. Moving, alone, is a very stressful thing. When you're planning a move to Chicago, you should understand these few things first.

  • The Neighborhoods Make or Break You

Chicago has 77 unique neighborhoods all throughout the city. Choosing the right one for you will make or break you in Chicago. In many ways, the neighborhood will define you.

It's also important to understand the street pattern in Chicago is known as the simplest in the world. There are eight city blogs per mile with 10 address numbers on each block. The center of the grid is Madison Street and State Street.

  • Access to Great Transportation is Vital

Chicago isn't known for cheap or easy parking. You could pay as much as $200 per month for garage parking. Many Chicagoans take the train, use the CTA, ride their bike or take a cab or Uber. Make sure you become familiar with the transportation system in Chicago. It will make a big difference when you first arrive.

  • Prepare for Harsh Winters

If you're coming from a warmer climate, be prepared; winter in Chicago is harsh. You need to make sure you understand what you're getting into. Walking in the winter isn't pleasant, but it can be bearable with the right supplies. Get prepared for winter before it arrives.

  • Get Out and Mingle ASAP

When you're planning a move to Chicago, you want to make sure you get out and mingle ASAP. Of course, you need to plan your packing, the actual moving day, unpacking and plenty of other things. However, getting out and seeing the city and meeting new people is very important. If possible, get out and see something in Chicago the first weekend after you move here.

  • Hire Help

A moving company will go a very long way to making your move to Chicago easier. You can hire a professional moving company to do far more than just transport your belongings. They can pack for you and unpack, making it much easier to get settled once you arrive in Chicago.

When you're planning a move to Chicago, make sure you plan the actual move and the way you will get to know the city. Chicago is a wonderful place to call home and the sooner you get out and see the city, the more you will feel settled in your new home.

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