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Moving as a family can be a very exciting endeavor. It can also become stressful on you and on the children. There are several things you can do to make family moving easier. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Understand the Possible Stress

Before you move, it's important to understand the stress each family member may feel. Both physical and psychological stress are possible during a move. Physical stress is the easiest to manage and deal with.

You can reduce physical stress by staying organized, packing a little at a time and keeping up with a normal routine. Psychological stress is a bit harder to manage. However, you can manage it by allowing each person in the family to feel the way they feel. Don't discount their feelings because they are children.

It's important to keep your family focused on the positive with the move. When dealing with family moving, focus on the chance for new adventures, the possible attractions and things to do they will love and the possibility of a larger space or nicer weather.

Work Together and Stay Organized

Moving as a family may come with stress, but sticking together can keep it to a minimum. If you're well organized and you work together, you can accomplish plenty more than fighting each other and going into moving without a plan.

You can even turn the packing process into a fun game. It can be a race to pack, but you will need a few rules. Maybe the parents are the ones labeling the boxes and while speed matters in this game, getting the right items into the box also matters.

Remember, you’re the Adult and the Leader

Children of all ages will look to you for guidance and ques throughout a move. Younger children often want to be just like you. If you're negative and complaining about the move, they will likely do the same thing. Even when things get frustrating, keep your complaints between you and your spouse. Don't complain, fight, bicker or spread anything negative in front of the children.

Staying positive will help you to keep your children positive and on task. When you're calm and positive, they have an environment to become calm and positive about the move, too.

Give Your Children Decisions to Make

Children want to be included, at any age. They may act out because they had no choice in the move. Giving them things to make decision about will help. They could approve your choice for bedding, rugs or paint for their room or you may finally need to give in and let them have a pet.

Use Age-Appropriate Books for Moving

There are several great books you can read to your children before a move including:

  • Big Earnie's New Home, By Teresa and Whitney Martin - Ages 3 to 5

  • Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Maybe by Susan Patron - Ages 6 and up

  • The Bernstein Bears' Moving Day, by Stan and Jan Bernstein - Ages 3 to 5

  • Where I Live, by Eileen Spinelli - Age 6 and up

By sharing these books with them, it may help your children relate better to what to expect.

Family moving isn't easy, especially if you're moving across the country or to a new city. You can relieve some of the stress by hiring a professional moving company to handle the packing, loading, unloading and loading.

You can find more tips on a stress-free family move below: