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Those looking to live in the Lake Region will enjoy moving to Lake Villa. However, the actual process of moving isn't always enjoyable. Instead, it comes along with heavy lifting, packing, unpacking and plenty of work. It can also be rather stressful. 

You don't have to go into moving day stressed if you hire Lake Villa movers. If you want moving day to go smoothly, call The Professionals Moving Specialists – a local Lake Villa moving company - today.

Moving to Lake Villa

Located in Lake County, Illinois, Lake Villa is a village with a population of 8,741, according to the 2010 census. It covers 6.99 square miles of space with about 0.80 square miles of water. The motto of the village is, "Gateway to the Lake Region."

Lake Villa is found north of Chicago and very close to the Illinois/Wisconsin border. The village has grown steadily over the last century and from 2000 to 2010, the population grew by 49.1%. 

Lake Villa Attractions

The most popular attractions found near Lake Villa are the lakes. Cedar Lake is found to the north of the village center, while Deep Lake is found to the east. These two lakes are both of glacial origin and the largest in the area. Many smaller lakes are also found throughout the Lake Villa area. 

Susanna Farms is another popular attraction. It's a fun place to go as a family and provides plenty of things for everybody to enjoy doing. 

Other popular attractions found near Lake Villa include:

  • Bristol Renaissance Faire
  • Realm of Terror Haunted House
  • Art Rave
  • And more!

Handling the Heavy Lifting for You

As Chicago's most trusted movers, The Professionals provide more than a decade of experience serving the Lake Villa area. With plenty of positive reviews on top consumer websites and a number of awards, The Professionals Moving Specialists are a company you can trust. Whether you're moving a home, a business or just a large item, you need a moving company you can trust.

Enlist The Professionals as Your Lake Villa Movers and Benefit from any of our Local Lake Villa Moving Services

  • Residential Moving 
  • Piano Moving 
  • Antique & Fine Art Moving 
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  • Furniture Moving 
  • Emergency Moving 
  • Senior Moving 
  • Commercial Moving 

Moving on your own may lead to stress, injury and many other issues. If you want to avoid the stress and stay safe, call The Professionals today.

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