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Downsizing and decluttering

How to Downsize for a Move

Moving is a great time to tackle any downsizing and decluttering projects you've put off. When you move from one place to another you are forced to go through everything you own. As you prepare for your upcoming residential move, consider these tips for decluttering and downsizing.

  • Downsize Larger Items First

Maybe you're moving from a 3,000 square foot home to a 1,200 square foot condo. Your large sectional couch and many other furniture pieces may not fit in your new home. Downsize these items by selling or donating them before you move to ensure you have more room when it's time to move.

Even if you're not moving into a smaller place, you can downsize larger furniture if you plan to replace it.

  • Go Through Everything You Own

You may not have time to go through everything before you move, but you will certainly have time when you arrive. You have to unpack every box, anyway, so why not declutter and downsize while you're at it? If you own things you have no use for or place for, donate or sell them.

  • Use the One-Year Rule

While this rule applies to clothing most often, it works with just about any item you own. If you haven't used it in a year, it's time to part with the item. Maybe you own clothing you haven't worn in a year or longer. Maybe you have an old appliance you never use. These items need to be donated or sold as you declutter your life and your space.

  • Go Paperless

We live in an era of technology and there's very little reason to keep mountains of paperwork anymore. Go paperless with as many things as possible by scanning the documents and making them digital. You can store them on an external hard drive and create a second backup with a cloud service, such as Google Drive or DropBox.

When it's time for your big residential move, it's also a great time to downsize and declutter. If you're moving into a smaller home, this is vital to your moving success. Even if you're not moving into a smaller home, it's a great time to take stock of what you own and what you truly need.

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