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Apartment Moving Chicago

When you need to move from one Chicago apartment to another, you need to consider the entire process. Hiring a moving company, packing up all your things, transporting those things to your new home and unpacking will all need to happen.

Before you get started with the Chicago apartment moving process, you need to consider how long it will take to pack, move and unpack before you put together your moving plan. There are several tips and tricks you can use for a smooth apartment moving process. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Hire Help

Packing is probably the most stressful and time consuming process during apartment moving in Chicago. A studio or one-bedroom apartment can take 1-2 days to pack and the larger the apartment becomes the more time it will take to pack. A three-bedroom apartment, for example, takes 3 to 5 days to pack.

When you hire packers for your apartment, they cut the time down to hours. A three-bedroom apartment will now take 6 to 10 hours to pack instead of 3 to 5 days. Your apartment moving company will bring a crew of two or three people to pack up the bedroom. If it's a larger apartment, they may bring a larger crew.

  • Keep Valuables Close

While most of the things you own should be fine going in the moving truck, there are some things you want to keep close to you. Valuable items and important paperwork should always travel in your vehicle when moving. Anything hard to replace needs to go with you, such as medications, car titles, insurance policy paperwork, contracts, passports and other important items.

  • Pack an Essentials Bag

You never know when you might need a few toiletries, a change of clothing and a few other essentials. This bag will come in handy when you first arrive, especially if you haven't had a chance to unpack much yet. It can also be helpful in an emergency situation.

When you plan to move from one Chicago apartment to another, you need a plan. It starts with hiring the very best apartment moving company in Chicago. Once you have the right moving company working for you, it's time to get to work.

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