10 Things You Don't Need But Should Bring To Your Dorm Anyway

10 Things You Don't Need But Should Bring To Your Dorm Anyway


College can be the best time of your life, but also very stressful.  Where else is it normal to see young adults sprawled and asleep in the most random places, curled up on the couch or floor like a child?  Once finals week hits, it’s a free for all and everyone is eating and sleeping in those free minutes in between studying for a different class.

This is exactly why you should have an escape.  For those moments when school is too much and you need to relax with your friends, make sure you have everything you need.

Here are 10 things to bring to your dorm that you don’t really need, but will be glad you brought anyway.


You never need to bring your TV.  It’s just nice to have around, especially if you are like me and watch basically every show on air.  It’s also a nice, mindless activity for the moments when you don’t want to think.

Game Station

Whether you have an Xbox or a Playstation, bring it with your TV.  Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing that gunning down enemies in Call of Duty or beating all your friends in Super Mario.


This is sort of essential, but sort of not.  It depends on what kind of snacks and food you bring.  Sometimes you just need to be unhealthy and stuff your face with chips and chocolate.

Board Games

Video games can only take you so far.  Sometimes there is nothing better than breaking out the old Monopoly board or a surprisingly aggressive game of Cranium.

Nintendo DS

Do you have one?  Because if you don’t you should get one…or a PSP.  Yeah, I know phones have apps nowadays, but battery life goes so fast.  Not to mention, those games aren’t half as complicated as the ones you can play on the DS.


Whoever created the Snuggie is a genius, especially on those winter nights where it’s warm in your room, but somehow you still have a chill under your skin.  Not to mention they are great during testing weeks when you fall asleep where you are studying.


They weigh a lot and take up space, but sometimes you just need your favorite stories with you.  You know, the ones that are beat up with pages ripped because you’ve read them so much.

Stuffed Animals

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like stuffed animals because they are most likely evil.  There is nothing better than cuddling up with your favorite teddy bear as you are trying to figure your way through the chemistry textbook which seems to be written in every other language but English.

Baking Sheets

There are moments that can be made a thousand times better by the smell of baked goods.  Every dorm has a kitchen and every kitchen has an oven.  Grab some of your friends and whip up a batch of brownies or cupcakes or something.  It’s fun and you’ll have something sweet to eat after.


Kirugumis are the proper name for animal onsies.  They are so comfy, you really need to get one.  So what if you’re a college student?  The time to do it is now because you won’t have an excuse later.  On cold days, have a Kirugumi party with your friends.


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