Top 7 Tips for Moving with Your Cats

For those moving, the process can be overwhelming, but it’s even more so if you’re traveling with pets. For cat owners, making the big move needs to be done with consideration about the health and safety of your furry one with things like a proper pet carrier and trying to keep up feeding routines. Your cats will find a move stressful, but you can make it a calm experience by using a few strategies. Take a look at these 7 tips for moving with cats.

Maintain routine

The simplest way to make a smooth move with cats is to maintain your current routines. This means that your feeding schedule remains unchanged, habits throughout the day continue, and you maintain the same level of attention you normally would. When your cat notices even the slightest of alterations in the routine or their surroundings, they will start to get stressed. Even if things change on a moving day with the feedings or playtimes, you can maintain the routine every day before then for the best results.

Lower the stress

Your cat will be looking to you for guidance and reassurance. Be sure to keep your cat calm by being the constant they need during all of this change. Be sure to speak to your cat, keep strangers away from him or her, and keep a calm demeanor around the cat as to not frighten your cat further. This means that no use of a distressed tone of voice or allowing your moving company to pet the cat when he or she is easily frightened.

Get a pet carrier prepared

You’ll want to start training your furry ones to get used to a pet carrier now. Cats need a little more security and protection during a move compared to dogs, which makes a pet carrier the perfect solution. Make sure it’s large enough that your pet can stand, lie down, and turn around easily. Make sure it’s made of solid materials like plastic or metal, you can latch the door, and that it has plenty of ventilation. Having them in a box is cute, but definitely not safe for your fur baby.

Cat in a Moving Box

Visit the vet

A checkup with the vet before your move is a great idea. You’ll want to ensure your cat is in great health and can handle a long drive or flight. Get a medical check-up, a copy of your cat’s vet records, and ask for any tips from your vet about how to keep your cat happy and healthy for the move.

Moving day safety

On the day of the move, you’ll want to make it a smooth transition. You can want to have a friend or neighbor keep your pet during the day or designate a room where your cat can have distance from all of the moving activity that no one will enter. Your cat may want to retreat to the pet carrier for safety. Have a bag of essentials in the car like water, a favorite blanket, and food. Some anti-anxiety medicine from your vet may come in handy.

Acclimating after the move

Once you’ve arrived to your new home, make a designated room for your cat to acclimate with familiar food, toys, a bed, and a litter box. Once your cat has gotten used to the room, it will be a better experience allowing your cat into the rest of the house.

Watch for signs of depression

Lastly, watch for signs of feline depression. If your cat’s behavior includes aggression, excessive sleep, or loss of appetite, these may be signs that your cat has feline depression. Talk to your new vet about the symptoms and consider a pet-sitter for when you’re away.

Don’t worry so much about your upcoming moving day with your furry little ones. After you’ve hired the moving crew to handle your family’s belongings, take these steps to ensure your cat will have a successful moving experience too. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

Top 5 Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Congratulations! You just got married and now you get to deal with moving all your thing to a new location. Whether you're the one moving in with your spouse or you've decided to get a brand new place for the two of you, moving can be stressful.

Of course, you can take the stress out of your residential move by hiring a professional team to help with packing, moving and unpacking. Regardless, you still need a few tips to help make the move go smoother. Here are a few great moving tips for newlyweds.

Create Your Plan in Advance

You'll be planning a wedding, combining all your things and moving all at once. This can be a very stressful time, even though it's supposed to be the best day of your life. When you have a plan, it becomes less stressful.

Book your move with professional movers ahead of time and make sure you have everything planned out. If you will be doing the packing, have things packed up before the wedding day or at least before you leave for your honeymoon. 

Work Together

Married life is all about compromise, communication and working together. During the moving process, make sure you have each other's back and you'll get through it without killing each other. You can split the tasks and have one person pack the kitchen, while the other packs the living room.

Make sure you stay calm, be nice to each other and keep the disagreements to a minimum. Remember, there are far more important things than which one of you gets to keep your couch. Take breaks and joke around with your partner.


Consider the Wedding Gifts in Your Plan

As you plan for your move, as newlyweds, you want to consider the wedding gifts in your plan. If you will be moving shortly after the wedding and you will be moving to a new home together, make sure you consider the wedding gifts. You will need room in the truck for the gifts and you will need to make sure you have room in your new home.

Minimalize Before You Marry

The wedding day is fast approaching and you want to make sure things go as smooth as possible. Weddings are stressful all the way up until you meet at the altar. You don't want to add any additional stress to the day. Take the time to minimalize for the move before your wedding day.

Remember, you can have a garage sale, donate items and throw out things not in good enough condition to sell. The less you have to move, the better, as it will make it easier on the movers and on you.

Hire Professionals

While moving things yourself may seem like the best option, it's not, especially when you first get married. If there were ever a time to hire professional movers, this is the time. It may just help save your marriage from struggling right from the beginning.

Professional movers will come in and pack up everything, load it into the truck, unload it at your new destination and unpack it for you. This takes the stress out of moving and allows you to keep the honeymoon period going after your wedding day.

If you're getting married or just got married, use these tips and a professional moving company to ensure your move doesn't become overwhelming. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

Top 5 Tips for Moving While Pregnant

If your wife or significant other has a little one on the way, you may be wondering how the upcoming residential move is going to go. It’s not a great time for her to be moving boxes or being in the heat of summer, but it may be the perfect time to be going into a new home with the perfect room for baby.


One of the most stressful things in life is moving which is why it’s really important for dad to make sure mom is not getting worn out, stressed out, overheated, or nauseous. Take a look at these five tips to make sure your upcoming move doesn’t harm the mama-to-be.

Planning and more planning

The best thing you can do if you are moving while pregnant is to plan ahead. Just like you would have to do anyway, it’s important to plan ahead for your move but in this case, keeping a pregnant wife in mind. Think months ahead for this move by thinking about how you will handle necessary tasks like cleaning, hiring a moving crew, packing the house, and getting the new house’s utilities set up for the day you’ll arrive. Make sure to make a plan and setup reminders to make sure you get everything done and stay organized along the way.

Keep stress low

The most important thing you could do is keep stress low for a pregnant mom that is moving. This means that mom needs to get plenty of sleep every night in advance of the move, needs to remember to take breaks from thinking about the move to be spend time with loved ones, and needs to take some down time to do things like read a book, practice deep breathing, or taking an hour at the spa. Make sure to incorporate activity into your daily schedule whether it’s a daily walk or light exercise to help fight anxiety, lower cortisol levels, and prepare you for a busier than a normal day at moving time.

Talk to the doctor and listen to your body

Make sure you’ve spoken to your doctor about the upcoming move and how to prepare. Your doctor will let you know what is safe and what isn’t for mom to be doing and will help you learn how to listen to your body. If you start to feel tired, it’s time to lie down and take a nap. If you get dizzy, you are likely pushing yourself too much.

It’s an emotionally and physically draining experience, and mom-to-be needs to focus on herself as much as possible. Then, make sure you have a doctor for the new town you’re moving to that can see you right away and get access to your medical records as you prepare for the little one’s arrival after the move. Your current doctor may be able to make a referral for an OBGYN and hospital.

Watch out for chemicals

One area you may not think about is that moves come with the possibility of exposure to chemicals. Whether it’s the cleaning supplies you are using to clean up the old or new house or coming in contact with chemicals that you are transporting to the new house, be sure to stay far away from these things during pregnancy. Try to choose all-natural ingredients in your products that won’t harm you or the baby rather than getting around bleach, ammonia, cleaning supplies with parabens, and paint.

Hire help

Lastly, don’t be afraid to hire help and recruit friends to help you move. You may have a friend that’s great at cleaning while another one is great at packing boxes. Recruit help to take some of the burdens off mom and be sure to hire a professional moving crew that can help pack, move, and unload your items safely and efficiently. You don’t want mom to try to lift a heavy couch or lift a box and harm the baby’s health.

Don’t let your upcoming move be put on hold because there is a pregnancy in the family. Use these tips to make a safe and efficient process that puts mom and baby first. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

How to Relieve Stress During a Big Move

Chicago Professional Movers
Chicago Professional Movers

Moving is stressful. Even when you hire a professional moving company to handle loading up your things and taking them to your new location, the move is still packed with stress.

When you go into a move, it's a good idea to have a plan of attack. You should not only plan for how things are going to get packed, moved and unpacked, but also plan in some ways to eliminate stress. Here are some of the top ways to relieve stress during your move.


This is the easiest thing you can do on the entire list, but often forgotten. Whenever you start to stress out about a move, just take a few deep breaths. This will help you slow down and it will help to relieve stress immediately.


If you need to take the breathing a little further, you can meditate. When you meditate in a quiet place with your eyes closed, you have the ability to destress very quickly. Don't dwell on your thoughts, however. Just let them pass through your head while you're meditating.


While exercise may seem counterproductive, it's a great stress reliever. When you exercise, you actually release stress. If you're starting to feel the stress of your move, take a little break and hit the gym. Even just a walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your stress level.

Take a Nap

Sometimes, you're tired from the move and it makes stressing out a faster process. If this is the case, take a nap. Even just 30 minutes can rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Get a Massage

Sometimes, the simple things won't take away the stress we feel. However, getting a massage is sure to relax you. With the right massage treatment, you can take a temporary break from the world and enjoy a stress-relieving treatment at the same time.

Turn off the Electronics

Too much of your phone, computer and TV can cause over-stimulation. This is especially true right before bed. If you're feeling stressed out during a move, take a break from your electronics for a few hours.

Take on a Small, Fun Project

Sometimes, crafts or other small projects give us a good and healthy distraction. If you need to forget about your move for a little while, take on a small project, such as a crafting project, puzzle or something else you enjoy doing.

Other ways you can relieve stress during a big move include:

  • Taking a hot bath
  • Listen to music
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Take a break to visit friends
  • Write
  • Eat

You can use all of these techniques to keep your stress level down when moving. However, the best way to relieve stress is to allow a professional moving company to handle everything. With the right moving company, you won't have to worry about packing, moving or unpacking. Taking all of these tasks of your plate is sure to relieve some of the stress you feel from the move. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 2433 ratings and reviews

When Couples Move In Together


So your significant other is moving in.  You’re ready to start a new chapter of your lives together and this consists of coexisting in the same home.  And you guys have chosen your home for whatever reason.  Maybe it’s bigger or maybe it has a better view or maybe couples spend the most time there anyway.  Whatever the reason, there are some things that need to be before your couples move in together.

The Closet

The worse feeling is looking into your closet and knowing you have too much clothing, but never having anything to wear.  Well, you’re about to have a bit less.  There is no way you are going to fit both your clothes and your partner’s in the same closet considering the state it is in now.  This of course means it’s time to clean it out.  Throw or donate anything you haven’t worn in a year.  Old sweatshirts, t-shirts with holes in them, faded jeans, whatever it may be.

Hide Your Stuff

Or not, it’s up to you.  It depends on how comfortable you are around your partner.  But remember, the only kept secrets in a relationship are the bad ones.  So maybe you’re not ready to show your significant other your collection of limited edition signed Lord of the Rings novels or the pristine condition miniature figurines of all the Sailor Scouts that you usually keep in a glass case.  That’s okay, for now, but they will find it eventually.  There are only a number of hiding places in a house.


Food is one of the most important things in…well, life really.  You and your partner may not have matching taste buds.  Maybe he’s allergic to nuts or she’s a huge fan of red meat.  Maybe you like tofu and have an affinity to cayenne pepper most shudder at. Whatever it is, you’ll have to reach a compromise and accommodate your partner’s taste as well as your own.


You know the drill.  You’ve had enough roommates in this lifetime to know how important it is to split up the chores.  I know you probably imagined endless cuddling in front of the TV and romantic take-out dinners when you both come from work exhausted.  You’ll still have those.  Except you also have to figure out who takes out the trash, who cleans the bathroom, who does the laundry, who washes the dishes, and more!  Keeping a home inhabitable is no easy task!  Especially when double the people means double the stuff and double the waste.

Enjoy It

Not that you don’t already enjoy each other’s company, but there’s just something about living together.  There’s no need to wake up early in the morning to go home and change before work.  Instead you can sleep in and know that everything is in your shared room, bathroom, home.

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