are in your new home! You have selected the home, moved all your possessions in and have unpacked. So, now you can sit back and enjoy your new residence - or can you? Moving in is just the first step, now you need to take appropriate measures to ensure that your home remains safe!

Protecting your family and home is an important part of your everyday life. You need to make sure that your doors and windows are locked when you leave, that you have reduced the risk of fire in the home, that you are taking measures to make your kitchen safe for everyone and that your kids are also safe in your home. These are just a few of the areas that people need to be concerned about in their new home. And, taking proper safeguard right from the beginning can make your home a safe place for everyone!

To learn more about home security and safety precautions that you should take in your new house, we have provided the following resources. Please feel free to review them and use them as you wish. And, also pass this along to your friends, family and neighbors so that they too can have a secure home.

Home Security

Fire Safety

Kid Safety at Home

Kitchen Safety

Home Safety

Emergency Guide

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